May 13, 2016

Wine tours

Wine marathon is an opportunity to become familiar with the best local wines and wineries. Apart from Zvonko Bogdan Winery, one of the finest and most modern wineries in Europe, there are also some true little wine pearls in this region, starting from Tonković Winery, which has earned its reputation with local sort of wine called Kadarka, then Petra Winery, with excellent wines of international sorts, or Maurer Winery, wine laboratory with little-known, old and forgotten sorts, to equally interesting Čuvardić Winery, Vinski dvor, DiBonis, Dukay-Sagmeister Wineries …

Wine tours with a professional guide are organized throughout the day on Saturday, September 23, with departure in front of the restaurant Mala gostiona, and on Sunday, September 24 there is a scheduled tour of Zvonko Bogdan Winery and lunch at Zvonko Bogdan Salaš, as well as a wine picnic at the Djordjevic Salaš with a wine tasting of the Petra Winery.

Wine tasting area at the Grand terrace features wineries participating at the Wine marathon, where you can taste the best local wines, cheese and gourmet specialties, and wine workshops with the following topics: “What do I need to know about wine”, “Wine etiquette”, “Food and wine matching”, “Typical wines from Palić surroundings and the region”…


Also, during all three days of the Wine Marathon a series of wine tastings are to be held in restaurants Mala gostiona and Riblja čarda.

See the events overview HERE.